Barbers At The Bunker


The Clary Sage College Barber students recently treated veterans at The Coffee Bunker to a complimentary cut with their cup of joe.

When asked why The Coffee Bunker, Barber Instructor, Lucinda Bradfield offered up great insights. “We have chosen The Coffee Bunker to give back to our veterans. Their program has resources to help the veterans in many ways.”

The Coffee Bunker helps by providing  a daily meal, clothing, and they also help Veterans with any paperwork they might need assistance with when filing for their benefits.  Not only it is a resource for veterans, it’s a place of social engagement and camaraderie.

The barber class can usually can do between 20 and 25 cuts during their monthly event.”We feel helping our veterans is a great way to give back since they give up their lives for our freedom,” says Bradfield.
If you are a veteran in need of support, know someone who is, or simply want to help give back, reach out to The Coffee Bunker at 6365 E. 41st, Tulsa OK  918-637-3878.

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