wide of building at clary sage college in tulsa ok

Tailoring & Alterations

Pants, Jeans, Skirts   
Standard Hemming:$7Zipper Replacement:$10-$15
with Lining:$8Waist Alteration:$8-$10
California Hemming:$9Hole Patching:$3-$5
Blind Hemming:$7Elastic Replacement:$10
Skirt Blind Hemming:$12Button Replacement:$2
Leg Tapering:$7
Sleeve Shortening:$7Blind Hemming:$4.95
Shoulder Straps:$98Side Tapering:$8
Button Replacement:$2Buttonholes:$3
Standard Hemming:$7


Image Consultation
Colors that make you beautiful
Students analyze your skin tones to see which colors are most flattering for clothes and jewelry.
$10 | 30 minute consultation
Wardrobe Consultation
Out with the old, in with the new
Students will help you create a wardrobe that is both versatile and well-rounded.
$10 | 30 minute consultation
Female / Male Trends Consultation
Be a breathe of fresh air
Students will review the current fashion trends and help you incorporate them in your style
$10 | 30 minute consultation
Wedding / Bridal Party Consultation
Look your best on your special day
Students will help you pick out the perfect style of dresses, tuxes and accessories for your day
$10 | 30 minute consultation
Professional Image Consultation
Colors that make you beautiful
Students will direct you on how to pick out flattering dress for a professional setting
$10 | 30 minute consultation
Casual Friday Consultation
Colors that make you beautiful
Students will describe what styles of clothing qualify for this tricky dressing situation
$10 | 30 minute consultation
Dress for Success Consultation
Colors that make you beautiful
Students will give suggestions on what types and colors of clothing work best for an interview
$10 | 30 minute consultation
Black Tie Event Consultation
Colors that make you beautiful
Whether it be for work or pleasure, students will direct you to styles suitable for a black tie event
$10 | 30 minute consultation
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