Shay Ryan

Shay Ryan has over 29 years of experience in Cosmetology and Entrepreneurship. After graduating as a Master Instructor in Cosmetology, Shay received an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration from Community Care College. She applied the skills that she had acquired in those programs to become Director of Education for a Beauty College in the Tulsa area.

Shay then became the owner of a Tulsa-based salon, where she also managed all aspects of social media marketing. In her role as owner, she provided opportunities for recent college graduates to grow their own careers.

Joining Clary Sage College in 2022 as Cosmetology Department Head, she continues to be very passionate about the students and loves to see them succeed. With a personalized approach, she aims to provide the students with a comprehensive education that is suitable for each individual student. For Shay, the most rewarding part of teaching is when the students have lightbulb moments and find new passions to believe in.

When she isn’t helping students to achieve their goals at Clary Sage College, Shay enjoys kayaking, swimming, camping, and spending time with her amazing grandchildren.