Community HigherEd Graduating Class in Tulsa

Community HigherEd is a private, nonprofit 501(c)(3) college, the mission of CCC, CSC, and OTC is to transform lives and contribute to society by providing career-focused higher education opportunities to students to obtain successful employment, develop leadership skills, and serve their communities. We achieve this through active engagement, advocacy, fundraising and stewardship.

Why should I give?

Donations like yours are an investment in human betterment through quality education. State and county allocations only go to public, government-sponsored technical schools, community colleges, and state universities and as a result, we rely on partners like you to help us fulfill our mission to boost the economy by bridging the skills gap in our community, which in turn helps attract jobs to the area, and improves commerce as graduates get better jobs and have more spending power.

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How Can I Give?

You can give directly on our Community HigherEd website or you can give as you shop through AmazonSmile.

Request for Donation or Gift Support

We are dedicated to supporting the local community. Clary Sage College and its branch campuses happily support non-profits, Christian-based organizations, and those focused on women and children.

Commitment to the Community

At Clary Sage College, we strongly believe in giving back to the community. Our employees and students continually dedicate time and resources to the needs of the communities we serve. The college donates thousands of dollars annually to charitable causes.