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About Clary – Let’s Talk Clary

A Clary education is about more than training for a job, it’s about becoming an artist. Our goal is to start you on the path to your dream career in industries like Cosmetology, Barbering, Fashion Design, Interior Design, or Massage Therapy. We’ll help you master the skills you need to do what you love. We know career education changes lives and we want to see it change yours.

What Sets Clary Apart?

  1. Our Experienced & Creative Instructors
  2. Ultra-Modern & Fully Equipped Labs and Salon Floor
  3. Guest Lectures & Skype Sessions with Professional Artists & Celebrity Stylists
  4. Portfolio-Building Opportunities
  5. Comprehensive Career Counseling & Assistance

How Can I Give to Clary?

You can give directly on our Community HigherEd Website or you can give as you shop through Amazon Smile.

Start your new career today:

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Community HigherEd

Clary Sage College is a non-profit private institution. Community Higher Ed is our parent company, a 501(c)(3) corporation with the mission to advance the purpose of our college, and our branch campuses Community Care College and Oklahoma Technical College, through active engagement, advocacy, fundraising and stewardship.

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Clary Sage College is proud to partner with our veterans and be a part of the transition process as our armed forces reintegrate into civilian life. Earning a coveted designation as a Top 10 Military-Friendly Private Vocational and Technical School, Clary Sage College invests in creating a Green-Zone learning environment and helps current and retired members of our military pursue the next chapter of their careers.

Our mission is to prepare you to meet tomorrow’s challenges today.

Clary Sage College’s instructors are caring and dedicated to helping you reach your career goals.