5 students pose in front of a teal wall at clary sage college in tulsa ok

The Clary Experience

Being a Clary Sage College student is about more than sitting in a classroom, it’s an active, exciting education that will keep you on your toes and fill your resume with industry experience and portfolio worthy materials before you graduate.


You may have the opportunity to participate in events like photoshoots, fashion shows, and fantasy hair competitions.

Many of our programs help you build customer service and client retention skills while working with real clients from the community and receive special training in networking and resume development through the Clary experience.

What you put into your education matters.

Our stand-out students are recognized through our honors program and receive special recognition at graduation.

Clary Sage College is a premier cosmetology and design schools in the country. With recognition from industry leaders, many of whom take the time to speak to our students in-person or through special Skype sessions, Clary Sage is a local, Oklahoma-grown school setting itself apart on a national level. Our students have had the opportunity to hear from Nick Arrojo, Andrew Curruthers, Sonya Dove, Nick Stenson, Ivan Zoot, Patrick McIver, James Ryder and other industry leaders and trendsetters.

Clary students have many opportunities to gain experience through volunteering opportunities, like Cuts for Kids, a campus wide event for our Cosmetology and Barbering students which sees hundreds of kids from the community come in for a free haircut before each new school year.

Our massage students also work on professional athletes from our partner FC Tulsa, Oklahoma’s premier professional soccer club that plays in the USL Championship, giving them invaluable professional experience.

We’re a proud member of the local Tulsa community and strive to make a big impact in our hometown.

Here are just a few organizations we partner with:

  • Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless

  • John 3:16 Mission

  • Child Abuse Network

  • FC Tulsa

  • The Margaret Hudson Program

  • St. Jude’s

  • Domestic Violence Intervention Services (DVIS)

  • Clarehouse

  • Tulsa Stand Down