Clary Sage College Hairstyles

Summer Cuts: Bob, Lob, and Wave

If you’re anything like us at Clary Sage College, you love to switch up your look every now and then. A new season is the best excuse to test drive a new style, whether it be a new cut or new wardrobe. Below are some hairstyles we’re loving for the Summer and early Fall!


Take the leap and lose those inches. A bob right under your ears is elegant and stylish. You’ll be amazed at how much weight is lifted off your shoulders with this daring and playful style! Rock a bob with a chunky necklace or layer a few for some added drama. A bold lip also takes this style to new heights!


A lob is a bob without the commitment. The best lob sits at your shoulders or just grazes your collar bone and looks effortless with little to no styling at all. Embrace your natural texture or go stick straight for optimum effect. A lob is best styled with an off the shoulder dress/blouse or a v neck!


Make like a surfer this Summer and ride the wave! This look doesn’t require a chop, just curl your hair into loose ringlets and then run your fingers through your hair with your head upside down. Once you stand up straight, you’ll have beautiful beachy waves any Cali girl would appreciate. These are best worn with a peasant top or boho maxi dress.


Whichever hairstyle you choose to wear this Summer, own it! Be confident with the skin you’re in and have fun. Check back here often for more style tips and closer looks into the amazing programs offered at Clary Sage College!