Clary Student Trimming Beard

How to Care for Your Facial Hair

Beards are becoming increasingly more popular. With its increasing popularity, you may be wondering how to best care for your facial hair. Maybe you feel that facial hair requires little more than growing it; however, that is not the case. Your facial hair requires support: washing, cutting, molding, and brushing. To keep your facial hair looking amazing, you will need to put in some work. To get the facial hair you’ve always wanted, here’s what to do to keep it looking incredible.

You wouldn’t use normal body soap on your hair, so it isn’t good practice to do so for your beard. They’re both hair, and hair needs cleanser. Fortunately, there are a lot of incredible facial hair-specific shampoos out there that include exceptional botanicals to help cleanse and condition the hair and shield it from getting dried out. (Of course, whatever you use, make sure you like the smell.)

Keeping your facial hair delicate is a way to avoid that voice in your head telling you to “just shave everything off!” Dry, scratchy facial hair will be insufferable, and the best approach to keep away from that is to utilize a beard conditioner. A decent conditioner will work to keep up face comfort. A conditioner also has the additional advantage of working practically like a styling gel, so you can keep it tame.

Facial hair is similar to cowhide or butcher squares in that it needs to be oiled. While a conditioner softens your beard, a great beard hair oil will condition it much further, and it has the benefit of warding off the feared facial hair dandruff. Additionally, the oil will make your beard smell wonderful.

Facial hair can get really gross. So while washing it is fundamental, a great added measure is an antibacterial facial hair ointment. This will even help further relax the facial hair.

Protect your beard from getting tangled and unruly by brushing it, ideally with a facial hair brush. This will help spread the beard oil and even the normal facial oils throughout.

The final method of upkeep for your facial hair is to trim it. Facial hair doesn’t generally develop uniformly as it grows. So simply ensure you keep it cut evenly. This is best finished with a trimmer.