Female barber with blond hair and brber cutters

Let’s Talk Female Barbers

We all know that in a hair salon, usually the barbers are male. However, in a male dominated industry, female barbers are carving out a reputation for being the go-to for quality haircuts. Why is that?

Female barbers are detailed oriented

Female barbers pay a lot of attention to detail. They treat every haircut with the type of attention that suggests they are amateurs, but with the type of precision that only comes with hours of hard work and steady hands.

Female barbers are on their game. They can talk about whatever you want to talk about. 

Lets face it, most of the time you have a male barber, the topic usually ranges between sports, work, cars, or maybe life in general. It becomes run of the mill after a couple of visits. However, female barbers tend to be very good conversationalists. They know their stuff about a wide variety of topics. As a result, talking to them is always therapeutic and fun.

Female barbers learn quick

Female barbers learn just as quick as male barbers, which is great. A lot of people avoid female barbers because of their preconceived notion that they are amateurs or give bad haircuts, which is obviously not true. A male barber gives a bad haircut just as often. You have to be picky with who cuts your hair regardless of gender.

Once a client gets a female barber and sees what all the hype is about, they usually stay with them because they run their barbershop like a business, not a hustle. 

How often do you find yourself having to beg your local male barber to come to work today so he can cut your hair? One too many times probably. Female barbers tend to be more consistent with their schedule and are far more reliable. Once you find one, you most likely won’t let them go.

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