Straight Razor Shave

How to Get a Close Shave with Straight Razors

From the desk of Lucinda Bradfield, Barber Instructor:
Utilizing a straight razor gives you a smoother shave than even the most modern electric or disposable razors, and if done precisely, decreases the number of cuts and irritation from shaving. After the initial cost of purchasing the actual straight razor, it decreases the cost of shaving by taking out the requirement for costly razor cartridges or dispensable edges. The straight razor blade should last a lifetime and will only need to be resharpened about every six to twelve months.
Straight razor shaving is an everyday practice that will make you stand out from the rest. Be that as it may, it does require more of a time investment to use than a straightforward safety razor and most men can’t dedicate to 20 minutes of shaving. Shaving with a straight razor likewise requires more concentration in the early morning hours than some other shaving elective.
Here are some step by step instructions on how to hold the razor:
  1. Hold the straight razor with your ring finger resting on the tang (curved metal end beyond the pivot).
  2. Rest the center and forefinger on the back of the sharp edge.
  3. Place your thumb in favor of the cutting edge alongside the middle.
  4. To make the principal pass:
    • Hold the cutting edge at a 30-degree angle.
    • Move the cutting edge toward the hair development, (with the grain) with even strokes and little pressure.
    • Draw your skin upward with the other hand to keep it tight.
  5. On the off chance that it’s required, you can make several passes over the area.
  6. Try not to shave against the development, (against the grain), or you’ll get nicks and cuts.

Practice will make perfect when it comes to a straight razor shave. Don’t get discouraged as you are learning a whole new method of shaving. You can also schedule an appointment at Clary Sage College to experience the difference of a straight razor shave.