Clary Sage College Barber Students

Persisting and Progressing: Life as a Female Barber

I completed a Barber apprenticeship in 1983 when there were not a lot of female barbers around. I spent two years buckling down in the barbershop giving free hairstyles to clients. I was extremely fortunate to be an understudy for another female barber who was notable in the business and had an exceptionally bustling shop. It took some time for me to convince anybody to let me cut their hair as I was adapting, yet this female barber was not going to surrender!


I had grown up continually saying, “I need to trim hair,” and, subsequent to being hitched, I was at last ready to get it going with my highly supportive spouse close by. When I wrapped up my apprenticeship I kept on working in the same shop. After for a little while, I understood I could do substantially more in this field so I proceeded with my education and got my manicuring license in 1991 and my cosmetology license in 1997. The barbershop where I began was closing down so I moved to a salon with one of the other barbers. I even ended up purchasing and running the salon for around six years.


Eventually, I was drawn closer to the idea of getting my educator license. So that’s exactly what I did. In 2004 I became a cosmetology instructor and worked at a school for 14 years.  Soon I came to the realization that I was ready to return to my foundations in barbering. That’s when I decided to migrate to another school and began instructing barbering, which brought me to Clary Sage College.


Being an educator is such a rewarding vocation. You can enable students to change their lives and foster their love for a new profession. Students originate from all sorts of diverse foundations, some lives have been simple and some not simple at all. Knowing I can have a positive impact on such a large number of people is my reward in life and as a female barber.