Summer Hair Trends for Men

As a lady, I really only notice two hair options for dudes out there – long or short. I mean, I’m cool with it, I can appreciate long or short hair on a fellow, but it must feel a little limiting to them, right?

I imagine them saying, “Do I want hair or not?” If the answer is yes, they grow it. If the answer is no, they don’t.

No one can live this way. So I started paying attention to men’s hair in my real life and online. I happily noticed that there are quite a few options for the men out there. Here are a few men’s hair trends you’ll find this summer.

The Buzz Cut.

This a classic, masculine cut often associated with the military. The Buzz Cut is easily achievable and maintainable. This look can be modified to suit all face shapes. All you and your barber need to decide is if you want to leave a little length on the top (crew cut or flat top) or the same length all over.

The Undercut.

The undercut is one of the trendiest cuts in men’s hair today. (I’m totally okay with it ;))The undercut is a step up from the buzz cut, where the underneath and sides are buzzed but the top is left longer.  This cut works well with all hair types and face shapes. Hey man, if you want an undercut – go for it!

Make Waves.

Where my curly haired guys at? Ditch your straightener and embrace your beautifully curly hair this summer. Whether you want to push it back or let it hang, it’s beautiful. (I myself – a lady cursed with stick straight hair – am really jealous of you)

Long Locks.

Where you blessed with luscious hair? Grow it! With the infamous topknot growing popularity, long hair is back with a vengeance. Fabio isn’t the only dude pulling off long hair anymore. Wear it up or wear it down – you just do you.