Spring Hair Trend | Out of Water

As part of my job, I often peruse the internet for upcoming trends. With spring approaching, I was doing just that – perusing for spring 2015 hair trends. Per usual, I discovered beautiful looks that I only wish my thin, stringy hair could perform. Bombshell boho waves, big buns (I like big buns, I cannot lie, anyone?), braids, twists, long luxurious ponytails.  Then, by happenstance, I came across a style I could do! You’d think I would be super excited, right? Here’s something trendy, that my previously mentioned disappointing hair could do. Win!

Well, not really. At least to me. What is this trend you may ask? Out of water hair. Let me clarify, this is not the beautiful out of water hair of mermaids as they emerge from the ocean, this is the “my hair was really greasy so I just washed my roots and forgot to dry it,” hair. Really, it could be the “I didn’t have time to wash my greasy hair at all, so here I am,” hair.

All photos courtesy of IMAXTREE + HarpersBazaar.com 

 I’ve gotta be honest, I’m really unsure where this trend came from. But, I’m not a hair professional. I’m just a hair fan. So I’m asking you. Is this, like, super awesome and I’m missing it, or are you with me, and not 100 percent on board?