Clary Sage College Barber Shaving Client

The Comeback of Straight Razor Shaves

For the last couple of decades, men have been sold the story that it is in their best interest to utilize expendable and electric shavers. Electric shavers are simple, safe, and more than anything, they are quick. We’ve all seen the TV commercials where men drag dispensable razors over their foam secured faces as though those bits of hued plastic hold the key to genuine masculinity. This raises the question, have we lost the art of shaving in the process of making convenience our main priority?

Clary Sage College Barber Shaving Client
Clary Sage College Barber Shaving Client

Back to Basics

Men are rediscovering the delights of the antiquated wet shave with changeable blade razors, straight razors, extravagant cleansers, and significantly fancier brushes. The old-school outfit is a return to a period when shaving wasn’t really a task. It was a masculine indication of transitioning. It represented the transition from a boy into a man and was a very dignified part of a man’s morning routine.


Changes in The Razor Industry

It seems that in a sudden turn of style, men are starting to understand that a decent shave is about more than modest froth, plastic, and quick razors. As indicated by The Economist, Schick and other notable creators of dispensable razors are noticing that their profits from disposables are falling. Schick announced a 10 percent drop in sales for 2019 and Gillette’s figures are comparable.


Clary Sage College Barber Program
Clary Sage College Barber Program

A New Light on an Old Tradition

You might have noticed a new generation of bearded and inked 20-year-olds going back to the basics of shaving. They beam with pride at the wooden cases and glass racks loaded down with brushes, leaves, and cleansers. But what exactly is a straight razor? A straight razor, also called a “relentless” razor, is a long sharp edge with a handle appended. You hone one by invigorating it on a strop. You’ll know it should be honed when it pulls, as opposed to cuts, your bristles when you use it.


Environmental Impact of Straight Razors  

There’s no plastic, minimal waste, and next to no bundling with a straight razor. You may spend $100 or more for the underlying unit – a brush, abandon, razor and cleanser, and possibly a facial cleanser or demulcent as well. Not only are these razors better for the environment, but security and straight razors give closer shaves than any electric ever could.


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From the desk of Lucinda Bradfield, Clary Sage College Master Barber Instructor