Traditional Barber Experience: What’s Old Is New Again

I have been witnessing something quite exciting in the barber community, recently. It’s apparent that men are searching for the traditional barber experience. No fluff. No frills. Just  great barbering skills.

For decades, even generations, the barber shop was where men went for that quality groomed look. Yet suddenly, somewhere between Woodstock and casual Friday, good grooming appeared to lose some of its luster, some of its hold on the male species.

Ah, but now, there seems to be a return of the desire to look dapper. There’s, a movement dedicated to men’s grooming, and it is happening from coast to coast.

Just search #barber on Instagram and you’ll see what I mean.

There is no denying that barbering is “in.” From the old-school shave to the gentleman’s haircut, men are reclaiming their place in the world of good grooming.

Men are realizing that the salon-type setting may be more geared for the ladies in their lives. The barber shop is where a man can get a nice, old-fashioned clipper-over-comb taper and maybe a shave to complete the experience.

As fashion swings toward the vintage looks and less grunge-like, you will see barber shops in your neighborhood once again thriving.

And what a beautiful thing that is.
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