Pompadour Hairstyle

How to Style and Wear a Pompadour

From the desk of Lucinda Bradfield, Barber Instructor:
The King of Rock and Roll brandished a high-volume pompadour as a component of his notable style. Yet, rock and roll didn’t offer ascent to his ‘do: truck driving did. In his childhood, Elvis was preparing to be a truck driver, and the pompadour hairdo was the hairstyle of choice for truck drivers across the nation.


 Elvis Presley Pompadour


Today, there are numerous varieties. You can have it short, disengaged, matched with an undercut, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. There are likewise numerous amounts of items accessible to enable you to style it.


Men with round face shapes may need to pass on this one, as it has a tendency to round the face out. Be that as it may, it’s incredible for most other face shapes and additionally almost all hair texture.


As with most haircuts, I recommend taking a photo to your barber when you go to get this hairstyle. Although, the lively pompadour is for the most part style. The sides can be cut with any razor length. Shorter guards will take it shorter, while longer guards will leave length. This is all up to your taste. I suggest requesting that your barber decrease your trim so the hair blurs into the skin of your neck.


To get this style, there is really only one product you must utilize. Pomade. The style depends only on pomade, and the pomade needs to have a firm hold. Pomades can also give your hair a polished look and shine, yet hold is the most imperative factor.


Step 1: The initial step is to coat your hair with pomade. You can do this in a few distinctive ways. The most straightforward approach is to take a couple of liberal scoops of pomade and work it into your hair. On the other hand, you can lift your hair up with a brush and apply the pomade to your lifted hair, working it in and in reverse.


To complete the pomade application, take a brush and brush in reverse, the distance down to your neck. This levels out the pomade and gives you a decent covering everywhere.


Step 2: If you want, you can part your hair. This is a style choice that is up to you so, on the off chance that you don’t need a section with you pompadour, go ahead to step 3. To part your hair, basically pick a separating line and brush the hair in opposite directions.


Step 3: Now you’re ready to make the pompadour. There are a couple of various methods for making it but I am going to suggest a process that is anything but difficult to do.


Take your brush and use it to lift up the hair and brush the hair in backward toward the back of your head. This will give you the bent pompadour. You can also utilize your finger to lift the hair up and back to style it. Keep styling along these lines until you have a decent pompadour going. Depending on the length of your hair, you can go for a short or tall one. If you need it shorter, brush it more towards the back of your head than upward. On the off chance that you need it longer, utilize the brush to draw the hair upward.


To learn more about various hairstyles, check out our Barber program. You can also visit us to purchase any styling products that you may need. We currently use Reuzel products and have a great pomade that would really make your pompadour look great and stay in place!