Why Select A Cosmetology Career?

A Cosmetology Career is one that provides a creative outlet for those who want to do what they love most. It encompasses many different fields and one can either specialize or receiving training in all areas in order to be more marketable. Unlike other professions, the stylist is an independent contractor who rents a chair and charges their customers based on a pre-designated rate set by the salon. The paycheck they receive, then, covers only the actual work done. In a way it makes them a business owner who has support.

One of the largest fields in this industry is hair styling. This can include such services as cutting, washing, coloring, perming, and styling the hair of various clients. Some stylists choose to specialize in men’s or women’s hair, but many today opt to do both. Many of the larger and high end salons elect to hire specialist in various fields instead of hiring those who do everything. For example, one member of the staff may focus only on coloring while another may work best with difficult hair.

Nail care is another field in this industry with great potential. Instead of styling hair they not only provide manicures and pedicures, but also specialize in the decorative art associated with nails. Applying polish may not be difficult, but creating designs based on client needs is an art. Staying abreast of changing market trends is important in this field as well as knowing how to maintain a hygienic workstation.

One of the newest fields in this industry is that of the makeup artist and skin care specialist. They not only educate clients on proper application of makeup and care of their skin, but also specialize in providing makeovers that meet individual client needs. This is often seen for brides and their attendants as well as for women attending special events. It is important in this case to understand the skin condition, bone structure, and client’s color needs which, once perfected, can lead to work with the movie and television industry as well as with print media working with models.

Of course, everyone would love to work at a high end salon where hundreds are charged for a simple haircut, but the truth is these positions are highly coveted and hard to acquire. Depending on the experience and skills you develop, working up to head stylist in a salon is a great way to justify higher fees. Additionally, becoming a salon owner yourself or opting to add credentials so you can teach at a beauty college can become paths to a higher income as well as prestige.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2008 about 821,900 people held jobs in this field. All had passed the required state exams and met the entrance requirements of various training institutions. In order to attend you must be at least 16 years old and have received a GED or high school diploma. Courses generally last about nine months and, if achieved through an accredited school, can result in an associate’s degree in this field. For those specializing as a manicurist coursework may be shorter.

For those interest in pursuing a Cosmetology Career the outlook is bright. This industry is projected to grow faster than almost any other until 2018, but fields within the industry may vary greatly in growth depending on specialization.

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