What Clary Sage Cosmetologists Are Thankful For

In the season of Thanksgiving, we take the time to remember the things we are grateful for in our lives. In a month full of turkey-eating, family-gathering, and frequent traveling, Clary Sage thought we should share our list of hair products we are most thankful for. This Thanksgiving, endure Uncle Gary’s cheesy jokes and Aunt Sandy’s mysterious fruit salad (is that green Jell-O?) with hair that is flawless. At Clary Sage, we know you are travelling to see family in many different climates and that alone can take a toll on your locks. Look effortlessly beautiful with our hair care tips to ensure you won’t pull your own hair out when the in-laws ask you for the 300th time, “when are you going to give us grandbabies?”

Keep your mane tamed with Clary Sage’s favorite products.  All from the Matrix line, we exclusively use this brand on our clients. We absolutely love what Matrix provides for our clientele! We know you’re busy this time of year, so that’s why we narrowed it down to Matrix’s Most Loved products that you will definitely want to pack in your suitcase this Thanksgiving. Your appetite won’t be neglected so neither should your hair. These products are what Clary Sage is most thankful for:

KeratinDose Pro-Keratin Renewal Spray

This five-star rated product is literally heaven in a bottle. Simply spritz on hair right after showering and before drying to rejuvenate hair. This renewal spray is serious business- after one application, hair is 90% more conditioned compared to leading other brands. It contains pro-keratin and silk restoring over-processed, weak or damaged hair. The immediate perks are that it restores shine to hair and makes it more manageable. Its simple application makes this a no-brainer addition to your holiday hair care travel bag.

FiberStrong Intra-Cylane Fortifying Cream

This leave-in cream conditioner works wonders on fragile, weak hair. It contains IntraCylaneTM bamboo and ceramide, making hair 12 times stronger after just one application. The cream conditioner repairs damaged, over-processed hair by reinforcing each individual strand. Your hair is instantly left more resistant to damage and doesn’t feel greasy or weighed down with product. We recommend this product for color treated hair. After a color treatment at our salon, this is a must-have to guarantee healthy hair that holds color and is more resistant to heat damage.  

Volume Rose Shampoo Oil

A part of the MatrixWonders product line, this shampoo oil is not only lightweight, but smells amazing. The shampoo creates volume, but is specifically praised for how soft hair feels after one use. This shampoo is a go-to for touchable, irresistible hair (if you’re expecting a proposal coming up this holiday season, you will want this in your shower caddy.) We award this product as your “boyfriend’s favorite” because how soft and movable your hair is after using this shampoo.

Now that we’ve shared with you what we are thankful for, tell us what products you are thankful for below! And don’t forget to schedule your touch up appointment with at Clary Sage by booking your appointment before the holiday season gets too busy and you see the beloved in-laws. If you’re looking to start a new career and have a knack for hair color and styling, check out our school of Cosmetology to transform your life with a dream career. You’ll have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving with Clary Sage!