Pre-requisites of being an Esthetician

If you have chosen the career path of an esthetician, there are certain pre-requistes that you have to adhere to. Generally, a licensed esthetician provides certain skin care services such as performing facials, waxing and other spa treatments. Every estheticians must be licensed in each state and their requirements varies from state to state.  And longer hours are required in some other states and all these are dependant on the regulations set by the board of cosmetology. The pre-requisites for cosmetologists, hair stylists, massage therapists and manicurists are set differently.

With a variety of licenses you can choose from ranging from an apprentice esthetician, a basic esthetician to a master esthetician. These licenses obtained is related to the level of education, experience and skill. If you have a master esthetician license it comes with opportunities and your years of experiences as an apprentice. In addition, it also means that you have exhaustively completed the maximum training and are able to do most procedures. The opportunities and experiences may includes working with laser skin rejuvenation, massage, aromatherapy, chemical peels and many more.

Taking a master esthetician program is worth the investment despite the additional time and effort required for many. This program can be ideal for you irregardless where you work or what your career goals are. Though it may be ideal but not many will head for this route. This because the job of a basic esthetician can be rewarding itself and moreover the education and training can be very challenging. Upon successful completion of the basic program and gaining employment, continuation in your education can be decided thereafter.

If you want to know more about the pre-requisites of becoming a qualified esthetician in your state, you may contact your state board of cosmetology. Search engines such as Yahoo or Google can help to check on the state board’s website when you have no clue about it.After knowing the requirements you can go ahead and look for an accredited educational program as you give thoughts about the career direction you want to take. Moreover, admissions advisors and career counselors who work with school cosmetology programs will be able to answer your questions and help you choose the path that best suits you!

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