Brigitte Kurr

Brigitte initially joined Community Care College in 2007 as an assistant registrar. In 2011 she was promoted to the position of Registrar. In this role, she serves not only Community Care College students but also those from Clary Sage and Oklahoma Technical College. Her responsibilities include managing student records, overseeing registration processes, and supporting students, faculty, and administrative teams.

In addition to her professional achievements, Brigitte has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and Marketing, which she earned from the University of Phoenix in 2007. It’s noteworthy that she pursued this degree while working full-time managing a household with three teenage sons, a husband, and two dogs. She appreciates the challenges our students face who pursue their education as full-time students with hectic schedules. She considers herself an advocate for students as they navigate their educational journeys.

Outside of her professional life, Brigitte enjoys various hobbies in her free time. These include visiting state and national parks, camping, painting, amateur photography, attending live concerts, and spending quality time with her five grandchildren.