Charmaine Hartin

Charmaine holds degrees in both Cosmetology and her Associates of Medical Billing & Coding. She began her career at Community Care College in 2020 as the Coordinator for both the Medical Billing & Coding and Healthcare Administration programs. Charmaine quickly developed a passion for helping graduates of those programs find employment in their field of choice. She quickly found a passion for helping others achieve their goals!

In early 2021 Charmaine joined Career Services to help all Distance Education graduates with employment opportunities. She thrives on creating an individualized experience for each graduate, knowing they all have different needs and goals. She’s a natural at relationship building.

In 2023 Charmaine became one of the instructors for Career Life and Development ( CLD ). She is now the manager for all three campuses for Career Services as well as the CLD instructor for all online.

In her spare time, Charmaine enjoys swimming, camping, crafting, and spending time with her family. Her number one role, though? Being a mom to her two beautiful kiddos!