Christina Stueart

Christina Stueart has extensive experience in post-secondary education. She has served in many capacities for higher education including Manager of Student Records, Director of Financial Aid, and Director of Accreditation and Compliance. With over 25 years of experience in higher education at an ACCSC accredited institution, Christina is highly regarded for her mastery over execution of organizational compliance tasks and maintaining regulatory controls. Because of Ms. Stueart’s comprehensive knowledge she has achieved success in the following areas: direct service positions with complete oversight of student records, managing compliance requirements for federal and state accreditation, including establishing and executing policies and procedures to meet the Department of Education’s regulatory compliance, monitoring complex standards for Student Academic Progress, serving in the capacity of Primary Designated School Official for International students, and acting as the final authority overseeing all aspects of annual audit, including outside agency audits and processing catalog updates. Annually, Ms. Stueart maintains high dedication to professional development to remain attuned to regulatory changes and industry trends. Christina completed her Bachelors of Business Administration in Accounting with a minor in Business Management in December of 2022. Christina has served as the Director of Accreditation and Compliance for 7 years. In September of 2022, Christina accepted the Campus Director position at Clary Sage College.