Erica Parker

Erica Parker brings an extensive background in the beauty industry to Clary Sage College. After graduating from cosmetology school in Wichita, Kansas in 1989, she knew even then that she would eventually go into education.

Before becoming a Master Instructor, she worked in several different salon settings and owned her own full-service salon for 14 years. What she found the most fulfilling about that work was when she was able to equip tomorrow’s professionals. After taking time off from the beauty industry to focus on raising her two sons, she went into the medical field and worked in doctors’ offices before returning to her first passion–teaching. While Erica has taught cosmetology courses, she really found that her strength was in esthetics. Skin care and the science of skin are something that has always been a fascination for her, and she loves sharing that knowledge with her students.

At Clary Sage College, Erica fully involves herself in the inner workings of education and assists in the creation of the best quality education. Her students are now her best customers and Erica strives to provide exemplary customer service everyday. After 35 years in the beauty industry, Erica appreciates that her diverse knowledge and experience continue to contribute to everything she can share with her students.