Paula Matthews

Paula Matthews is an Oklahoma Native who lives in Owasso with her husband. She has two daughters and three granddaughters and one grandson. Prior to developing the barber program at Clary Sage College, she spent 30 years in the industry as a barber stylist and 14 of those years as a licensed barber instructor. Throughout those 30 years of experience, she became involved with “Oklahoma Barber Advisory Board and The National Association of Barber Boards of America” and performed many tasks while being an active member of those boards. Her love for the industry has transformed into a passion, sharing her craft with talented barber students. Within the 12 years since the program started, she has been blessed in seeing students find great success in established shops, high end barbershops and salons, and some even became shop owners themselves. Paula has given back to her community over the years by going to John 3:16 men’s shelter, 12 and12 Drug Rehab Center and The Day Center and giving haircuts. Giving back to the community is a way for her to share her skills and passion that reflect her love for the barber industry.