2012 Makeup Forecast

By Christen Brummett

2011 was all about pastels and metallics, with gold, lavender and “peapod” colors splashing everything from runways to makeup counters. For 2012, the color prediction focuses around two main trends.

The first trend of 2012 is bright colors on the eyelid, applied in a clean line. Smoky eyes have disappeared in a cloud of smoke. Bright yellows, greens, blues, and oranges are the new trend. To mimic this trend, apply bright eyeliner in a clean, precise line. You can also use light-colored bright eyeshadow (such as yellow, light blue/greens) from lid to brow. Darker, brighter colors such as violets and hot blue can be applied just on the eyelid.

The other trend, as seen in all areas of fashion such as clothing and interior design is neutral colors with an accent of red. Pantone, the color experts that assist in predictions of color trends, even named the 2012 color of the year “Tangerine Tango,” a bright redish-orange color.

For home décor, interior designers are recommending neutral colors with a bright red accent such as a red lamp or clock. For makeup, that means fairly neutral colors on the face, eyes and cheeks then a bright red on the lips. Use either a cooler (blue-based) or warmer (yellow-based) red to match your skin tone. Those with more yellow or orange undertones should use a warmer red, and those with pinkish undertones should use a blue-based red. Even red-oranges, oranges and pinks are on-trend for lip colors.