8 Tips to Prevent Lice

The dreaded call from the school, “Your child has head lice and needs to be picked up.” So, you pick up the lice shampoo and follow the directions on the box and two weeks later you see your child scratching her head. One nit (egg) can hatch and start to lay eggs within 10-14 days – and here we go again.

Here are a few tips for lice control:

  • Do not share combs, brushes, or jackets
  • After a treatment, vacuum the floors, furniture, and the car
  • Don’t forget the car seat. It can be vacuumed and the cover can be washed
  • There are sprays for upholstery
  • Wash the sheets in hot water and a hot dryer
  • Vacuum or wash the curtains
  • Place all plush toys in a plastic bag for two weeks minimum
  • Clean all combs and brushes with an approved lice product

Do these things and you’ll avoid this.