Can You Wear That Fiber Art?


What is clothing, if not a piece of art? There are a vast number of designers that are also artists of textiles. Art is expressed in so many ways; sometimes as a wall hanging, sometimes as a bed cover, or sculpture, an accessory, and even clothing. As a people we like to adorn ourselves, and surround ourselves with that which we think is aesthetically pleasing.


Here at Clary Sage College we teach the art of designing clothing, and bringing that design to life in a garment. In that journey we also try to introduce our students to other types of fiber arts that can be a source of inspiration for designs. The techniques they have the opportunity to try, and other methods we discuss can be used in their designs. Some students may even find a new expression of creativity in a form that they had not previously considered, or even known about.


Currently there is a fantastic fiber arts show that is on display at the Arts and Humanities Council of Tulsa Hardesty Art Center 101 E Archer, Tulsa. There are beautiful weavings of scarves and wraps, and gorgeously dyed jackets. Wall hangings and other quilt like spreads to tempt your imagination of places near and far. There are also some amazing sculptures done with cording woven like basket, and soft knitted sculptures. This show is going on until August 23rd. I highly recommend it for a Saturday or Sunday afternoon adventure!


Visit their web site for more information on the artists, and the days and times the gallery is open