As we enter into the professional world we are suddenly forced to give up our college threads and wear something a little more appropriate and appealing for a”professional lifestyle”.  I teach a unit in my Fashion Design course  that emphasis the importance of dress and how it can and will determine how far you can go in your career .    I have my students do research and show me what they think is appropriate to dress for different situations.  They are as follows:

1.A bank job,

2.A job as a fashion editor at a fashion magazine ,

3.An outfit that could be worn to school

4.An outfit that can be worn to a red carpet event

This activity is a fantastic way to educate our students on the proper ways to dress in various circumstances .  It is amazing how casual “the norm” is for most of them.  I find it  to be a great opportunity to demonstrate the difference between acceptable and  unacceptable dress and how it can completely influence a life changing decision about you.

Dressing for the workplace varies depending on the line of work you are in, however one thing is consistent, there is a definite difference between casual weekend wear and office wear.  It is  important when you are representing any establishment to do so in a positive and suitable manner.  You are a reflection of the company you work for, consequently  you will be noticed if you portray any negative images .  Although you might not always be confronted with bad wardrobe choices,  do not think that it has gone unnoticed.

Another scenario I address is proper school attire.  It seems to be a common misconception that what you wear to school is irrelevant ,” no one cares”.  This is a wild delusion.  It amazes me how many people think it is ok to wear pajama pants and slippers to school.  They roll out of bed , come to class ungroomed and think that id acceptable.  I try to emphasis the importance of representing yourself in a positive manner at all times, when you step out your door in the morning the way you are dressed will have an effect on the rest of your day.  It is a fact the better you feel about yourself the more productive and confident you are.  You never know who you might meet during the day, a surprise visit or speaker could have an impact on the rest of your career.

Just remember the way you dress and style yourself is a reflection of who you are , you can express yourself in all situations,  be smart when you are getting ready for the day:  you never know what fantastic opportunities are awaiting you!!