Destination to Relaxation

By April Genshaw

Ok Lassies! If you are like me you love relaxing in a wonderfully warm bath all jazzed up with goodies for your skin and your peace of mind. At this time of year it is crucial to maintain the hydration levels of your skin, both internally and externally. One great way is to use natural humectants applied topically to supply and maintain those levels. What better and fun way to do this than by creating for yourself a tropics inspired bath night! So…… let’s waste no time talking about it! You need to get these things ready for your destination to relaxation (and a beautifully hydrated body).

Supplies Needed:

1 can coconut milk; 2 if you want a healthy drink during your bath

½ c. baking soda

1 grapefruit (you will only need the ends for the bath; enjoy eating the rest)

brown sugar

coconut oil


plastic cap(optional)

candles for ambiance

cabana boy(if one’s willing)

relaxation/tropical music; ooooo…….ocean wave sounds!

Prepare Supplies:

*Cut ends from grapefruit so that it makes 2 half circles

*Portion out desired amount of brown sugar for body scrub

*Bath Soak: Combine coconut milk, baking soda and 4tbsp. coconut oil; this can be mixed  together beforehand or in bath itself.

*After Bath Moisturizer: Combine 1 part honey to 2 parts coconut oil; make desired amount.

*Set up your cabana retreat(aka bathroom)

Show Time: these steps can be completed by you or your cabana boy!

* Draw bath water and add soak

* During bath place small amount of brown sugar on ends of grapefruits. Hold the grapefruit in the palm of your hand. Buff in circular motions starting at the feet and working upwards toward the heart. Reapply sugar as needed using one grapefruit for the legs and posterior areas, and the other for torso and arms.

* Optional Step: Apply small amounts of after bath moisturizer to scalp and hair, clip up and bag in plastic cap. Thoroughly rinse after bath or next day, may need a small amount of shampoo depending on the amount unabsorbed.

* After bath apply moisturizer to entire body. Start at feet and work towards the heart. Allow to absorb before dressing.

After this treatment you should feel completely hydrated and relaxed, and with these easy steps you can have a tropical getaway anytime you like. Hope you enjoyed!