Emerald: Pantone’s New “IT” color

By: Jackie Brown


Every year, Pantone, in its wisdom and breadth of global trending, picks a color of the year.  This color is evident in all manner of apparel, home décor, crafts, cultural iconography and graphics.  2013 is the year to envy.  Emerald, Pantone #17-5641, will be at the center of fashion trends, home décor fabrications and seep into advertising and the arts.  This color is so expressive and I find it a great visual clue for the year ahead of us.


Now that the election dust has settled and we are seeing many signs of economic recovery, green is on a lot of people’s minds.  Alhough the “money talk” is almost everywhere, this Emerald color is lively and vibrant and, dare I say, hopeful.  For a prospect of a year that will be filled with good news of a rebounding of our country and a rekindling of that “help thy neighbor” spirit, I believe this color will be a great representation of the hope we should all have for 2013.


Fashion styles can easily absorb this harmonious color.  Necklaces, bracelets and shoes are natural canvases for a “new” color to compliment your wardrobe.  Oh, and by the way, the earring is back – in a big way!  I look forward to rocking my emerald and gold earrings and brightening my current wardrobe while being totally on trend.


We will undoubtedly see watercolor florals with lots of emerald tones.  The even stripe will be a great vehicle to showcase Emerald paired with crisp white to make any garment playful.  With the wide acceptance of colored jeans, get ready for a super hip emerald colored jean to pair with neutrals, whites and, yes please!, those coral tops you stored for the winter.  Spring looks include a big nod to 60’s Mod and a saturated green could not be a better player in that game.


What will you pick up in Emerald?  Will it be a classic tee or a chic trench in eye catching Emerald?  Will it be a skinny jean to round out your rainbow collection?  No matter the garment, I hope you give this color a run for it’s money this next year.  Rocking Emerald will definitely make you the object of envy.


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