Eye Candy!

By Sharon Truelove

It’s all about customer service. Whatever your profession, it’s about creating an experience for your client. As professionals, we are continually striving to make each client’s experience awesome. Making each session personal, can go a long way in impressing your clients. Isn’t that what it’s all about….the client?

One small item can help create a one-hour vacation for your client; an eye pillow.

Eye pillows can do many things in the session:

  • Shield the eyes from light
  • The added weight, for many, is very comforting
  • Adding scents via fresh herbs or essential oils can add to the sensual experience
  • Putting them in the freezer can help with puffy eyes (especially during allergy season)
  • Popping them in the microwave for 20-30 seconds can warm them (use caution though, and test on your forearm first, as the skin on the eyelids is thin)


If you enjoy “Do It Yourself” projects, you can make your own eye pillows and even sell them to your clients. They will think of their wonderful massage therapist between sessions when they are using it at home.  This can also help book a next session because you have taken such wonderful and attentive care of your client.






They also make great gifts for Christmas.








Following are some great links if you wish to make your own eye pillow candy:





My own personal favorite is to recycle a pair of pantyhose that have a runner in them (or use a lone sock whose partner has gone awol).  Rather than throw them away:







  • cut off the good leg of the pantyhose
  • fill it (or the lone sock) with flax seed (rice, beans…)
  • tie off the end
  • make a nice eye pillow case to cover it from a regular pillow case or remnant piece of material



Make one for yourself and try it out. Let me know your thoughts!

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