Finding the right balance for your life

It’s getting wild out there.
All too often, we are swept up into life and forget ourselves in the process.
Whether it’s work, family, friends, or some other commitment, it can be so easy for things to slip off of your priority list entirely.

Here’s a quick way to realign yourself. Or at the very least begin to do so!..

woman looking at a mountain

Make a list of what is most important in your life.
Arrange your family, friends, health, work and anything else on this list, in order from most important. Now, compare this list to what you do on a daily basis. Does your daily schedule reflect what you value most?

For example, if you are a student, and you listed school over work, which do you dedicate more time to? Does your work schedule come before homework? Do you sacrifice assignments to pick up an extra shift?

Now, we know every scenario is different, and sometimes things really do just happen. We have to work to stay in school, and work just had to schedule you the night before a test. We totally understand.

But we think it’s important to do a schedule audit every once in a while, and make sure your choices and daily habits line up with your values and priorities.

This mental check will help to keep your life in order, and will help to keep you feeling like you are aligned with your purpose.