Four Fast + Festive Fourth of July Party Decorations

A couple summers ago, we hosted a Fourth of July party at our home with a few friends.  I recall setting out juicy chunks of watermelon, hanging a strand of twinkle lights, and strewing a few red and blue balloons in the corner, happily deciding it was very festive. And then, this week, I logged onto Pinterest and realized the Internet knows no bounds to Americana, and that we could all host a Fourth of July party without exhausting our décor options.

If I were to host a Fourth of July party this weekend,  here’s how I would decorate:

  1. Light up the party with this dynamite garland – a fun DIY for all you crafty people out there. This garland would make a fantastic backdrop for goofy selfies and quick snaps of your ice cream cone. (Because, duh, you’re gonna want to Instagram it later.)
  2. Make this star-spangled banner – er, garland – to hang up outside. You never know, you and your friends could end up hanging out on the back porch all night, and you wouldn’t want the dynamite garland to be for naught. Create this star-spangled garland with a star-shaped paper cutter, a few clips, and some festive twine.
  3. This time around, the small latex balloons aren’t going to cut it for me. Mix it up with these patriotic foil balloons, sure to be the star of the party.
  4. Now that I’ve hosted a few more dinner parties since the Fourth of July party two years ago, I’ve realized my favorite way to create an impact at the dinner table or on the bar cart is with a fresh bouquet of flowers. Put a spin on the classic red, white, and blue with pops of pink, cream, and navy. Add a kitschy vase for an easy conversation starter.

Below, a few more decorating tips I’ve learned along the way:

  1. For a summer soirée, use light fabrics like cotton and linen for your tablecloth and napkins. I adore these cotton napkins with a “chunky stripe” in Light Pool. Bonus: cotton napkins can be washed and re-used, so they are ecological and economical.
  2. Place citronella candles in these gorgeous glass and steel lanterns for outdoor festivities. You don’t want your guests to take itchy mosquito bites home as a party favor. (These party favors are way more fun.)
  3. Speaking of candles, place a candle in the guest restroom and light it right before guests arrive. I also like to pick a couple flowers from the main floral arrangement to place next to the bathroom sink.
  4. Set out a small token or memento from a recent vacation. For a summery party, I would place a few seashells and starfish throughout the space. Your chatty friend Lucy might see the seashells and recall her favorite trip to the Cayman Islands to your shy friend, Karen. Old memories, new friendship.
  5. Let the appetizers, desserts, and drinks serve as décor! Make some festive Popsicles or bake a patriotic pie to jazz up the dinner table. (And who needs sparklers with these sparkling cocktails?)

Will you be hosting a Fourth of July fête? Tell us how you plan to decorate – or even better – tag us in your Fourth of July pictures on Instagram.

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