Ginger Confessions | My 3 Must Have Makeup Brushes

While your fingers do work to apply your makeup, they’re not nearly as precise, delicate, or hygienic as makeup brushes. The right makeup brush can make all the difference.

Since I started using makeup brushes, my face is clearer (yay for not rubbing my dirty fingers on my face!), my makeup coverage has improved and my makeup lasts longer. Let’s just say these brushes were a game changer.

Here are my three must-have makeup brushes.


  1. Foundation Brush

I have tried many different shapes and sizes in the past, and I have always loved the results of my foundation brush. I prefer to have the medium size brush with rounded edges. It gives me the even and full coverage look I want for my everyday makeup without going overboard. Having too much powder in your brush can make your makeup look uneven and “caked on”. Less is always more.

  1. Powder Brush or Ball Brush

I used to have a hard time with my makeup not lasting all day and looking blotchy. After a full day of classes then working as a waitress all night would cause me to look like a hot mess by the end of my shift. Then I realized the magic of this brush combined with a mineral veil. It should be light, soft, round and not mixed with other powders. After doing my morning makeup routine, I will go back with this brush and apply the mineral veil to my entire face. This brush will give a thin and even coat that will make my makeup last all day.

  1. The Concealer Brush

It may be small, but do not underestimate its capabilities. I use this brush to cover dark circles, blemishes and any other unflattering spots on my face. It has a small and fine tip that allows you to evenly cover and conceal just about anything. This should only be used on specific areas that you want to be covered because when you apply your foundation it will blend all together and give you that natural and flawless look.

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