How To Add Greenery to Your Home

I moved into a new home almost a year ago and I am still trying to figure out exactly how I want to decorate. (This is a judgement free zone, right?) On one hand I want clean, bright spaces with stark neutrals and fun pops of color. On the other, I want a light and airy bohemian feel. These styles are both beautiful, but they couldn’t be farther on the design spectrum. I just can’t decide, so I did what any other 20-something would do and turned to Pinterest. Guys, it didn’t help. My board is all over the place, but I noticed one reoccurring element – greenery.

Greenery adds so much to your home. It looks petty, cleans toxins from your indoor air and improves your health. Are you heading to your local nursery yet?

Here are three ways to add greenery to your home.


  1. Hanging Planters


Hanging planters are a great way to add plants to any space, and are especially good for homes with furry friends that like to eat/dig any plant they can.

  1. Interesting Containers


Your plant doesn’t always have to go in the traditional terracotta pot (but that’s cool, too). An old coffee can, a cute tea cup or brand new terrarium hold your leafy loves just the same and adds some character to your space.

  1. Create a Display


Do you have a large wall that needs a little something? Skip the traditional gallery wall and create a beautiful plant display.

Are you heading to the nursery now? How do you display greenery in your home?

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