How To Travel In Style

We all know traveling during the holidays can be hectic. Whether driving or flying, the last thing we want to be concerned about is our hair. It’s time to be creative and change up your style!

The following are some style types to help you along the way when traveling:

  1. Always consider the climate of your destination. This is important to consider because you may be going into a completely different environment than you live in. If the climate is cold and dry, consider taking moisturizing products, possibly even a hair mask. If you are going into a warm and humid climate, you might consider taking some anti-frizz products. Either way, it’s very important to research and know the climate of your destination!
  2. Invest in a good dry shampoo. You never know when you may get delayed or miss a flight and be┬ástranded! Dry shampoo can be purchased in travel-size cans (check with your stylist), so they are easy to slip into your makeup bag or purse. Simply spray at the roots and brush your hair from root to end. It’s important to brush your hair because that helps remove any impurities and distributes oil throughout the hair strand. An added advantage to dry shampoo is that they can also serve as volumizer. Spray wherever you want volume and massage into the root area.
  3. Keep your style simple while traveling. If you have long hair, get rid of the standard ponytail and go for a braid! Also, there are some very cute accessories and hats that can save you some time. If you have short hair, you can use some fun clips or headbands and hair wraps.

Happy Travelling!