Everything You Want to Know about Lash Extensions

By Christen Brummett

Everyone wants long, thick fabulous eyelashes and lash extensions give you immediate, beautiful lashes. However, there are a lot of misconceived notions about them. Check out the following information below on the investment in beautiful lashes.

•60-120 eyelashes are applied to each eye, so the time investment can be significant. Plan to be there at least 3 hours. Most places allow you to bring an iPod or some other device to listen to.
•Lash extensions are not permanent. Just as your natural eyelashes shed off, your false eyelashes will shed with them.
•To properly maintain your lashes you should have them filled every 3 weeks to replace the lashes you have lost.
•Pulling and picking can not only take out the false eyelashes, but can also rip out your natural eyelashes, so….don’t do it! If you need to have the eyelashes removed, please make an appointment to do so.
•Products you put on your eyelashes can break down the glue. Look for things like glycols and carbonates…these ingredients will make your eyelashes shed more quickly.
For more information or to schedule an appointment for eyelash extensions, call Clary Sage College at 918.298.8200!