7 Ways to Maintain Your Manicure Between Salon Visits

When we get our nails done, we want them to last forever. Chances are, with our unavoidable daily tasks, the hope of a long-lasting manicure probably seems impossible. While you may not be able to duplicate the immaculate manicure that your nail salon provides, there are some steps you can take between manicures to prolong that freshly manicured look we all love.

Choose the Right Length and Shape for Your Lifestyle. 

With an active lifestyle, long nails would not be the best choice. Medium length would be a better option. We recommend a square end and rounded, smooth corners. Nails filed in this shape are not as likely to snag or hang on things.

Use Your Own Polish or Buy the Color You Used From the Salon.

If the polish color isn’t included in the cost of the manicure, purchase the same color from your Nail Tech. This will ensure you can touch up any chips or smudges if needed.

Use Topcoat Daily.

A top coat is absolutely necessary when creating the perfect manicure. Aside from setting the polish with the top coat’s added staying power, make sure that you set the tip of your nail with the top coat, as well. Doing this will provide more durability to your entire nail and keep them from chipping.

Avoid Heat and Water Immediately After Your Manicure.

When your nails are freshly done, immediately washing your hands can loosen your polish. Complete hardening of lacquer can sometimes take up to 12 hours. Finish your daily chores before getting your professional manicure to make sure you can give the manicure proper time to set. As much as possible, make sure you do what you can to protect your nails. When washing dishes – even when using cold water – make sure you wear gloves! And, of course, never use your nails as tools.

Buff Your Nails.

A buffer is a very helpful tool for making sure your manicure lasts as long as possible. Invest in a four-sided buff, file, polish and shine block that, step-by-step, will improve your nails instantly. Taking these steps will make your nails display the best manicure possible.

Keep Your Cuticles Looking Health and Clean Between Visits.

This is one of the most significant services that set apart a professional manicure from one you perform at home. A cuticle oil is the perfect way to achieve this because they are formulated with ingredients that can penetrate deep into the nail beyond the layers of polish. Applying cuticle oil after your daily application of top coat will add in keeping a long-lasting manicure.

Keep Your Nails Healthy.

Take vitamins and supplements like B-12, Zinc and Iron to maintain healthy nails. The better they are in between manicures, the better they will stay.

Other than making a “long-lasting polish” selection, following these step will keep your manicure in tip top shape. Whether you chose a simple nail polish color or one of the many creative options of nail art (or even just glitter), following these directions will help your professionally manicured nails look amazing until your next salon visit.

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