Manicures should not include pain



Manicure from latin manus meaning hand + cura meaning care.

A cosmetic treatment for the care of hands and fingernails.


1880, “one who professionally treats hands and fingernails,” from Fr. manicure, lit. “the care of the hands,” from L. manus “hand” + cura “care.” Meaning “treatment and care of the hands and fingernails”.

It has always been my mission in life as a professional Manicurist to provide the best and most comfortable service to my clients. From manicures to acrylic nails my focus is to care for the hands and nails and not cause harm to them. This is what I have done since 1976. This is what I teach my students.

A manicure should be time of pampering; a relaxing and enjoyable experience and something to look forward to. The client should leave the salon with hands and nails in better shape than when they arrived no matter what service is performed. There is no need to ruin the client’s natural nails when applying acrylics, gels, tips, wraps or any other artificial enhancements.

Most consumers do not know this. I feel it is important to educate the client about the service they are interested in receiving and any other services that may benefit them as well. Weather it be acrylic nails or simply a manicure I let them know what is involved, what products I will be using, why I chose the products I use and how they will benefit the client. Finally I explain the training and experience I have had to assure them that their hands are in good hands. (Great pun huh?)

I will post articles in the next few weeks about how to know if your manicurist/nail technician is one that can be trusted with the responsibility of properly caring for your hands and nails. In the meantime here are some things to look for as you visit a nail salon.

  • If the technician hurts you – LEAVE
  • If the salon is dirty – LEAVE
  • If the technician is using DIRTY, USED implements, files etc. on you – LEAVE
  • If the technician is using chemicals in unmarked containers – LEAVE
  • If the technician cannot/will not answer your questions about the products used – LEAVE
  • If the technician cannot/will not answer your questions about their sanitation procedures – LEAVE
  • If you are getting any type of enhancement service and the technician is slopping product all over, getting it on your skin – LEAVE
  • If the technician attempts to PRY or RIP off your current enhancements – LEAVE — LEAVE RIGHT NOW — LEAVE IMMEDIATELY

Linda Clemmons
Professional Manicurist, Nail artist, Educator
Licensed Instructor at Clary Sage College

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