My Pretend Pool Party

I’ve been dying to go swimming all summer and haven’t had the chance. Sadly, I don’t know many people with a pool. (Who wants to invite me over?! ;))  However, my lack of a pool hasn’t stopped me from dreaming of throwing a pretend pool party.

I can imagine the food, drinks + decorations now.

The Food.

The FoodImage Via: Dam Delicious

I love food, so no get together is complete without food. Since the majority of your pool party guests will be in the pool, lighter finger foods are a good way to go. My family and friends have very varying tastes, so I’d be sure to remember that while creating my menu.

Here are a few options you could serve at your pool party:

The Drinks.

The DrinksImage Via: Shutterbean

My ideal pool party isn’t complete without a cocktail (or mocktail) or two. I’d definitely give these cocktails a try.

The Decorations.  

FloatiesImage Via: Sophlog

This is the really fun part! Are you set on a theme for your party? Maybe you just want it to be fun + summery or maybe you want flamingos everywhere, either way is totally cool!

I’d have to pick up these cute items for my pool party.

  • DIY Beach Ball Garland
  • Drink Palms
  • All the floaties – Gigantic donut, Leisure Swan , Pizza + Flamingo Coasters would all make an appearance in my pool.
  • Twinkle Lights
  • Paper Lanterns

I can see it all in my head. Now I’m strongly considering asking my neighbor if I can borrow their yard to set up a pool…