Negative Space Manicure Tutorial

Guys, do you like painting your nails? I mean, who doesn’t? Your manicure is a cute and fun way to showcase a little about your personality! My current favorite nail trend has to be the negative space manicure!

Negative space manis are a fun way to show some spunk. Bonus: they’re actually pretty simple to create! Learn how below!

What you’ll need:

  • A base coat
  • Nail polish of your choice
  • Band aids (the cheaper the better)
  • Nail polish remover
  • Q-Tips
  • Top coat

Step 1: Apply your base coat and let it dry completely. Once your bast coat is dry, grab 5 bandaids and cut them in half. Figure out where you want your negative space to be, and apply the rounded edge of the bandaid to your nail, covering the part of the nail you don’t want painted. Be sure to secure the edges of the bandaid, so no nail polish sneaks in.

Step 2: Paint your nails!

Step 3: Clean up your line a little, if needed. We used a fancy brush, but you can use a Q-tip. Apply your top coat and you’re done!


Cute and simple. Win, win. Do you see a negative space mani in your future?