New Skin Care Innovations: Botox Without the Needle

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By Mona Green

Peptides, the newest innovation in skin care, are changing the way aging skin is treated. The first peptide for expression wrinkles Argireline mimics the effects of Botox and looks very promising as a Topical Botox. It is a cosmetic formulation applied on top of the skin for the removal of deep lines or wrinkles and the results can be seen in approximately 15 days.

Muscles are contracted when they receive neurotransmitter messages, argireline has the ability to slightly destabilize this transmission and the nerve signals cannot be relayed. Snap-8 is an octapeptide which has also emerged as capable of achieving the same results, but with significantly more effectiveness.

The possibility of expressing yourself with ease, without injectables is available to us from a variety of skincare lines with wrinkle reduction depth of up to 63%. As these new discoveries are incorporated into skin care we can anticipate further improvements and even better products to prevent deep wrinkling.