No Skin Care Professional Should Be Without Liability Insurance

by Mona Green

Estheticians, are you covered by an insurance policy? If not, one mistake could cost you your license. In the event that your employer does not provide you with insurance coverage, it is vital that you take measures to protect yourself. Here are some helpful tips:

Associated Skin Care Professionals suggests;

If you think you’re completely covered by your employer’s insurance, be sure to ask these four questions:

1 Will your employer provide you with a copy of the policy for you to review?

2 Does their policy cover you for all services you are performing?

3 When does the policy come up for renewal?

4 In the event of a claim, will it cover your legal defense?

Examples of Claims Made Against Estheticians according to ASCP.

  • Product/equipment problems
  • Injury caused by esthetician during the treatment
  • Client suffers injury due to accident ( not caused by treatment)
  • Alleged problems with no real incident

If an incident occurs:

1 Assess injuries. Obtain medical help; seek treatment immediately.

2 Don’t get defensive or hostile; don’t admit fault.

3 Take photos, if possible. Write a detailed account of actions and conversations

4 Contact your insurance carrier immediately.

5 Know what your carrier suggests before an incident happens.

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