Red Lips and Smokey Eyes

By Lisa Johnson
Tips for Red Lips:

1)      Make sure to wear the red that is appropriate for your skin tone.  The color of red will depend on if you have a natural warm or cool tone to your skin.

2)      Be sure to line your lips with a lip liner to keep your red color in place longer.  Red lipsticks have a tendency to bleed and feather into lines around the lip if there is not a barrier in place.

–          Try using a lip stain or a transfer resistant lip color to help ensure long wear and for less mess when wearing a red.

3)      When wearing red lips, be sure to play down your eyes.  The eyes and lips should not compete for attention.   Its either bold eyes or bold lips, not both.

–          Try using matte or natural colors on the eye lid area.  You can and black eyeliner around the eye for a classic look.

Tips for Smokey Eyes:

1)      Smokey eyes are more of a technique than a color, so be open to using colors other than that standard silver, grey, and black.

2)      Make sure to play up your lashes when doing Smokey eyes.  When wearing dark colors around the eye the eyelashes can easily disappear from view.  The more volume and length your eyelashes have the more sultry the look will become.

–          Try using strip lashes or even lash tabbing to enhance the look of your natural lashes.  They are temporary and are not costly.  A few lashes can make your Smokey eyes pop!

3)      Remember that when doing a Smokey eye that the eyes are the focal points not the lips, so the same rule applies.  Its either bold eyes or bold lips, not both.

–          Try a matte, nude lipstick or nude lip gloss for the ultimate Smokey eye.  Make sure you use the nude lipstick that is best suited for your skin tone.  The key is to use light colored lipstick or gloss.