By Jackie Brown:

The Trends reports are here!

Spring 2013 is out and beginning to filter into our main stream.  The designers have been working hard and molding layers and layers of fabrics so we can have a fresh look for Spring ’13.


Here are some of the things we can expect to see in the next spring months:

1.       Contrast to Last:

  1. Black and white is classic and timeless and designers know it.  We will see lots of hard angles and sharp colors living in harmony together.  Be bold and be bright and do not wear a tone-on-tone look….that was so last year!



2.Lightweight and Fancy Free:  Chiffons and Sheers will be stand outs this season.  Showing a little skin with just a little veil is how to wear clothing this next season.  Shake off the chill of winter and be a bit mysterious with a whisper of fabric giving just enough of a peek-a-boo.



3. Mix it Up:  Collage of fabrics and sheen’s and piecing is another rage of Spring 2013.  Keep the shapes simple in the silhouettes but rock out the textures.  Mix your boucle and your satin and your leather and your chiffon.  It’s a collected look that will get you lots of looks this season.









4.Romancing the waves:  Flouncing is back in a big way this Spring.  Flirty edges make for lots of movement in the garments of the warmer months.  Keeping a feminine edge on this season is easily done with a bit of a soft, wide ruffle and lots of girly charm.

5. Power suiting:  Spring can be a time of demure attitudes, but 2013 is a woman’s strongest season.  Sharp edges of suiting and high sheen fabrics give us a “I am woman, hear me roar” sentimentality.  Shoulder padding has returned to help us carry the weight of all we must bear to climb that corporate ladder is amazing style.

6.Kimono undressed:  This traditional Asian garment is usually tight and tied and twisted and very structured.  That is turned on it’s head with Spring 2013.  Soft structured Kimonos were everywhere.  Lounging in brought to the mainstream with lots of trim details and amazing color blocking.  Kimono we go!


No matter what trend you find appealing, try something new…move out of your comfort zone and into a fresh look for Spring 2013.