Fur nails. Yeah. You heard that right, FUR NAILS. So many questions.

When I first heard/saw this new trend I was like “wut.” and immediately shared it with my co-workers, to which my boss very sarcastically responded: OMG. I can’t wait to try this exciting, innovative new trend. Werewolf chic.


That is perhaps the nicest way to describe this questionable thing happening.


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It seems fur nails made their American debut during Libertine’s Fall/Winter 2016 runway at New York Fashion Week. However, they’ve been a thing in Japan for a while now and they’re cool with it.


I’m just going to get my questions out now. How do you wash your hands or shower? What if you get some delicious food on your finger and you need to lick it off? What if you get an itch? Can you scratch an itch with furry nails? HOW DO YOU WASH YOUR HANDS?


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Someone tried human hair, guys. Human. Hair.


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But, hey, you do you. If you want to rock furry nails, I’m not here to stop you! I only ask one thing — let me know how it goes.