Where did this popular fall 2012 trend, the peplum, originate?

by: Michelle Wamego

Fall 2012 TrendThe Peplum

The modern day Peplum is hot this fall season. It has been used throughout history again and again, but where did it originate?

It comes to us from the ancient dress of Greek women, and men. They would create this overskirt by having the top layer of their Chiton (a very large rectangle of fabric that was pinned at the shoulders) hang past their waistline and then belt that layer causing the bottom hem to form a sort of over skirt at the waist and hips. This style dress is called a Peplos, thus the root for the term Peplum.

Today’s version of the peplum is still an overskirt; but it may be part of the skirt, or a lower flounce on a shirt or jacket, or incorporated into the waistline of a dress. Today’s versions can be very full flounces, gathered, flared, asymmetrical, pleated, and the variations can go on and on. This is a very flattering look to most all figure types; even for women with full hips as long as it is in the correct proportional scale and balanced with visual weight at the shoulder level. Consider trying this style this season! Check these out by Peter Som, Zac Posen, and Tory Burch.

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