Would You Rub this on Your Face?

by Mikala Ewald

Would you rub this on your face?

Do you clean your makeup brushes on a regular basis? If not, you may be doing just that!

Makeup brushes harbor bacteria that is picked up from the skin, makeup products, the lining of makeup bags/cases, the air, and counter tops. The warm moist air that is often found in bathrooms create an ideal environment for bacteria to colonize and spread.

Since makeup brushes harbor bacteria, they can spread infectious diseases, such as MRSA, that are highly contagious. MRSA and other staph infections cause skin irritations, redness, abscesses, and boils. In addition to infectious disease, the bacteria found in makeup brushes can also cause acne breakouts.

Personal makeup brushes should be cleaned with an antibacterial soap or brush cleaner once a week at the very least to prevent this bacteria from being spread onto the skin during makeup application. Makeup brushes that are used in a professional setting must be cleaned after being used on each individual client and should never be shared. And at home, just like your toothbrush, makeup brushes should not even be shared with family and friends!

Frequent brush cleaning may seem tedious or unnecessary, but without this important step in your beauty and skin care routine, healthy skin is difficult to achieve!