Zippered Pouch Tutorial (with GIF’s!)

Just like purses and shoes, you can never have too many multi-functional zippered pouches. Little pouches are the perfect tool to help organize your purse, desk drawer and more. Learn to make a cute zippered pouch in just ten steps below!

Step One: Gather your supplies.

  • 2 rectangle pieces of fabric 9.5 in. x 6 in.
  • 7 in. conventional coil zipper

Step Two: Place the fabric pieces right sides together.

Step Three: Center your zipper at the top of both pieces of fabric and place pins marking where the zipper begins and ends. Do not pin the zipper down, just the fabric together,

Step Four: Now it’s time to start sewing! You are going to create a seam with a 5/8 allowance. Begin with a 2.5 in. stitch switch to a 4 in. basting stitch once you reach your first pin. When you hit your second pin, switch back to a 2.5 in. stitch.

Step Five: Press open the seam you just created.

Step Six: Place the zipper upside down along the seam and unzip, placing each side on either side of the seam. Be sure to position the zipper stop where you switched from a regular stitch to a basting stitch in step four.

Step Seven: Secure one side of the zipper to your seam with a 4 in. basting stitch.

Step Eight: Flip the fabric over and open. Now secure both sides of the zipper with a 2.5 in. regular stitch, be sure to stay on the zipper tape (side of the zipper). You’ll have to eyeball this a bit, since you won’t be able to see the zipper itself.

Step Nine: Now that the zipper is secure, fold the fabric over like in the above GIF and remove the basting stitch with a seam ripper.

Step Ten: Now that the basting stitch is removed, open your zipper a little and place the fabric pieces right side together and sew around all edges of your pouch with a 5/8 in. seam allowance.

Flip the pouch ride side out, and you’re done! Now you have a cute pouch to hold all your favorite treasures!