10 Minute on the Run Halloween Costumes

Have a last minute party and need ideas for quick Halloween costumes? Or perhaps you just remembered that it’s costume day at work tomorrow, and you don’t want to be the employee who is a bore. No need to fear, we have your back. Try these quick and easy runway costume ideas that will make you the talk of the party without the stress. Make your Halloween a Hallo-win in just minutes with these creative, easy-to-do costumes.

Feminine Feline

This costume is sexy, fearless, and purrrfect for a time crunch. Simply use your everyday eyeliner to color tip of nose black and three to four swipes on each cheek to look like whiskers. Give yourself cat eyes with thick winged eyeliner on top lids. If you have fake eyelashes, we recommend applying them before liner to really exaggerate your eyes. Paint lips black or wear your new boldest lip color. The attire is easy for this look- wear all black (leggings, a bustier, sheer hose, a leather skirt, or turtleneck.) You can easily create cat ears with an old head band, hot glue gun, and felt or paper triangles. Lastly, paint your nails with black polish and let them dry while in commute to your party.

Charlie Brown Ghost

Charlie Brown’s infamous attempt to be a ghost for Halloween in “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” is a creative and endearing costume that can be recreated in minutes. Take a white bed sheet and cut holes all over the sheet. If you want the holes to be bolder, use a black sharpie or fabric pen to color black spots all over the sheet- just make sure you have two real holes for your eyes so you can see everyone’s reaction when you walk through the door.

Rosie the Riveter

You can do it with red lipstick, red bandana, and a denim button up. Make sure to roll up your sleeves to show your guns. Tie bandana around head with the tie at the top of the head to perfect Rosie’s “git-‘er-done” vintage hair style.

Cat Lady

Wear a baggy sweatshirt or an oversized sweater and safety-pin stuffed cats all over yourself. This is as hilarious as it is creative. We recommend naming each stuffed animal for extra laughs and randomly petting them mid-conversation throughout the night to accurately portray the cat lady essence.

Risky Business

Make Tom Cruise blush with an oversized button-down collared shirt, black shades, and knee socks. Make an entrance at the party with a running start and slide into the center of the dance floor true-Cruise style.

Ghost of Last Year’s Halloween Costume

Wear last year’s Halloween costume and “zombify” it. Smudge dark makeup around the eyes for a ghoulish appearance. Use scissors to create slashes and tears in costume. Use black eyeshadow and smudge onto outfit with fingertips.

These creative costume ideas only take minutes to create and most of them are already lying around your house or hanging in the closet. If you especially have a flair for makeup artistry, you can create any character you want with bold eyeliners, perfectly painted lips, and statement cosmetic details.

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